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ISKCON Gaya celebrated Janmastami festival for two whole days. On 2nd September, program started at evening with kirtan lead by Hg Narad Prabhu followed by Gaur Arati lead by Jagdish Shyam Das (General Manager, ISKCON Gaya). A drama titled “Mahamurkh” played by ISKCON Youth Forum, Gaya devotees. Hg Rambhadra Prabhuji(Director, Youth Forum, Bihar) gave a talk on the transcendental activities of Krishna. He says that if we can understand the divine activities of Lord Krishna by hearing we will be freed from material distress. Krishna’s appearance is like the appearance of Sun. He does not take birth like we take birth. ISKCON Congregation Forum presented a play on Krishna Sudama and gave message that how a devotee like Sudama is free from material desire. There was a special event “matki phod” at midnight.
On 3rd September, program started with kirtan and Aarati lead by Hg Narad Prabhu. Hg Rambhadra Prabhu (Director Youth Forum, Bihar) gave a talk on practical application of Bhagavad Gita. He inspired each to chant regularly and visit temple once in a week. ISKCON Youth Forum presented a play on “Sakshi Gopal”. ISKCON Cogregation Forum presented a dance showing Krishna’s advent and pastimes. Also they perform another dance on “Dasavatar stotra”. Maha-abhishek of deities being performed and more than 56 bhoga items offered to Krishna. Pandal was beautifully decorated with flowers, balloons and lights. At midnight devotees fired crackers. More than 10 thousand people attended and took prasadam in two whole days. More than 50 people registered for the Bhagavad Gita course and more than 100 youth registered for the youth one time program. So many Srila Prabhupad books distributed.
On 3rd September, ISKCON Gaya celebrated Janmastami Festival at Manpur also. Manpur is situated other side of river falgu and 10 kilometers from ISKCON Gaya main center. There is a BACE at Manpur. Janmastami celebrated there at Durgasthan where about more than 2000 people attended. There program started with lecture by Hg Rambhadra Prabhu. He said Lord is a person and He has a transcendental form. Abhishek , arati performed. More than 56 bhoga items offered to Krishna.

On 4th September, devotees celebrated Srila Prabhupad vyas puja. The program started with vaishnav songs and kirtan. Then devotees glorified Srila Prabhupad. Bhoga offering, pushpanjali and arati performed.