online pind daan

Now people are finding online pind daan another way to offer homage to the departed soul.

And, amidst recent lockdown situation in India, it is becoming easier for devotees to opt for online shradh karma.

Many pandits and local organizations in Gaya, Varanasi, Allahabad, etc are helping people offer pind daan through Intenet and video call, including Iskcon Gaya.

There are few things devotees need to do for online shradh Karma. Below are some procedures for the same at Iskcon Gaya.

Online pind daan procedure

  • Fill up an online form or call with details like your name, your current location, your contact number, etc.
  • Next, receive a call from us confirming your recent inquiry for the pind daan service. Everything will be guided to help you with the online shradh.
  • Your booking will be done and the date will be fixed for online pind daan.
  • Pandits will be ready at our end with all the necessary arrangements to take an audio/video call from devotees.
  • Once the call starts, we will communicate to you with all the necessary steps to continue with the shradh karma.
  • You need to do and repeat the process what exactly pandits at our end will ask you to do.

Above are some steps devotees need to follow in order to start with pind daan through audio/video conference.

Please make sure you are ready with the following basic necessity.

Things you need to have for online shradh

  • A good internet connection.
  • A video/audio calling devices like mobile or computer.
  • A pleasant and calm space for pind daan at your end.
  • All the things that Pandit Ji asked you to arrange.
  • Make sure you are free from all your other works at the time of online shradh.

If you are looking for online pind daan, feel free to call us and we will guide with all the necessary steps to get started with it.