Iskcon Achievements

In fifty years since 1966, ISKCON has achieved many milestones.

650- the number of ISKCON centers, temples and schools worldwide.

520 million – the number of books and magazines published by Bhaktivedanta Book Trust and distributed by ISKCON devotees worldwide.

3 billion – the number of free plates of sanctified vegetarian meals distributed worldwide since 1966.

12 million – the number of people who worship in ISKCON temples around the world, every year.

1.2 million – the number of meals distributed every day to needy school children in India by ISKCON Food Relief Foundation, also known as ‘Annamrita’ as part of the Governement’s mid-day meal programe.

340000-the number of patients treated by ISKCON hospitals such as Bhaktivedanta Hospital in Mira Road, the Bhaktivedanta Hospice in Vrindavan, mobile clinics and eye camps.

260000-devotees walked 260000 kms visiting 52,000 towns and villages in 170 countries as part of the worldwide padayatra to bring the holy name to every town and village around the world.

100,000 – since 1966 over 100,000 devotees around the world have taken spiritual  initiation into the Gaudiya tradition.

6000 – there are more than 6000 Hare Krishna festivals held every year around the world.

3600 – the number of home study groups(Bhakti Vriksha groups) around the world.

110 – the number of Hare Krishna restaurants around the world.

65 – the number of eco-friendly farms run by ISKCON to practice ‘simple living and high thinking’