Pind Daan Gaya Services

Pind Daan Gaya Services By Iskcon

At Iskcon, we understand the hassle one goes through when visiting Gaya Ji for pind daan. Therefore, we come with the best pind daan services at Gaya to help visitors do the pind daan offerings peacefully and without worries.

Pind Daan Gaya Services By Iskcon

PIND DAAN KARMA: It is a Hindu Karma by which you pray for the peace of souls of your loved one’s post-death. This is a Hindu ritual and mandatory karma to be performed for peace and success in one’s life. We help you understand the significance and do this Karma for prosperity in your life and ultimate relief to the departed soul.

SHARADDH KARMA: It is performed on the death anniversary or collectively during the Pitru Paksha at Gaya. Iskcon has arranged some of the best pandits for pind daan to help you conduct this Karma with core-satisfaction.

PITRU DOSH NIVARAN: It involves Pitra Worship, Tarpan, and donating food and clothes to pandits to attain peace to departed souls and for success in your life.

KALSHARPYOG POOJA: Sometimes, people go through really difficult situations in life financially and health-wise. Kalsharp dosh can bring a threat to your prosperity in life. At Isckon, we help you perform KALSHARPYOG POOJA to get you out of this dosha.

FOODING by Iskcon Gaya: When traveling to Gaya Ji for pind daan, people find it difficult to find the best place to eat good food until their stays in Gaya. So Keeping in mind good hygiene and taste Iskcon helps you arrange good and tasty food at out Govinda Restaurant.

SITE SEEING & TRANSPORTATION: Transportation is another biggest challenge when anyone new traveling to Gaya Ji. To cater to this issue, we arranged all the necessary transportation facilities to help you with traveling without worries. 

ACCOMMODATION AT ISKCON: If you are traveling to a new place finding a good place to stay is a challenging task. We at Iskcon have nice pleasant space in the lap of Lord Krishna for your peaceful stay for pind daan.

If you are traveling to Gaya Ji for Pind Daan then feel free to contact us and we will get back to you with all the best solutions for your need.

For more details below to reach us:

Address: Iskcon Gaya Gandhi Maidan, Opposite Red Cross, Near Commissioner Residence Gaya, Bihar Pincode: 823001

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91-8210163122 | 9525477967 | 9006518348

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