iskcon gaya


On 9th December afternoon, ISKCON Youth Forum Gaya celebrated UDGAAR (An expression of goodness & Joy) festival on the topic “The Joy of De-addiction” at ISKCON Gaya premises. About one thousand youths from various universities, Gaya Engineering college and academic institutes of Gaya attended the festival. Festival started with video show on ISKCON achievement and Srila Prabhupad’s glories.

Jagdish Shyam Das (General Manager, ISKCON GAYA) gave the inaugural address and objective behind the festival. He said that now days youths are addicted to any kind of addiction. Some are addicted to intoxication, some to social media like facebook, whattsApp, twitter, some to mobile game, some to smart phone and cricket etc. Youth lose their potential being addicted. Stating the ISKCON history and achievements he said Srila Prabhupad changed the Hippy to happy by blessing them with divine knowledge. Hg Rambhadra Prabhuji (Director, IYF, Bihar), Jagdish Shyam Das (GM, ISKCON Gaya), Srimati Usha Dalimyan (Social activist), Nishant Kumar (Academic Institutes head), Dr A N Roy (Retd Principal, Magadh Medical College & Director of AIMS) and Dr S K Panda (Pshychiatrist) inaugurated festival with lamp lighting. Dr A N Roy told youth to be focused to career and to be regularly connected with ISKCON saintly people.

Dr S K Panda(Senior Pshychiatrist) said youth should learn moral values from ISKCON society people.
Hg Rambhadra Prabhuji (Director, IYF, Bihar) gave a wonderful presentation on “The Joy of De-addiction”.  He said now a days technology is advancing. So many people become successful by becoming IAS, Doctor, Engineers etc. But youth are becoming more and more addicted to bad elements. Giving the example of Mahabharat, he said Arjun was very learned but at the time of war he forgot his duty. But by listening the divine knowledge of Gita, he could remember his duty and fighted. Same way now days the people are very learned but they are confused about their duty. So divine knowledge of Gita can award freedom from addiction and bliss.

Students from NIT Patna shared their experience with ISKCON. They said before joining ISKCON, they were addicted to so many bad habits. After joining ISKCON their life style changed and they can give more time to their studies. ISKCON Youth Forum Gaya devotees performed a drama on “The Joy of De-addiction”. Gandharvas Rock Band team performed mantra rock show. At the end of the program dinner prasadam distributed to all the attendants.