Umang Festival at ISKCON Gaya

On 29th Sunday evening Umang Festival was celebrated at Dharmsabha Bhawan, Gaya by ISKCON Youth Forum, Gaya. More than 500 students attended the festival from Gaya Engineering College, Gaya College, Magadh University, Central University and some other educational institutions.

The festival started with a movie “Bina PK” (A movie where all the answers are given to the questions asked at PK). After that a seminar on “Mind Your Mind” was given by Hg IsvarNam Prabhu(Director, IYF, Bhagalpur). Hg Rambhadra Prabhu(Director, IYF, Bihar) delivered the concluding points. A drama on “Me & Mind” was performed by the IYF, Gaya devotees. There after the students enjoyed the Mantra Rock and delicious dinner…Iskcon Gaya website was launched….Please visit